You are welcome to be in touch with us!

Davetra is an enterprise run by Mr. Taavi Hiltunen, M.Sc. (El. Eng.), who has been in charge of international business-to-business sales and marketing in several companies as well as a CEO with success in two different high-tech enterprises.

His career started in 1984 a R&D project manager. He has been based in Vienna, Austria and Tampere, Finland. His customers have mainly been oil companies, automotive industry, process, chemical and energy industries as well as defence and security organizations.

Davetra was established in October 2009 and started executing its assignments immediately.

You are welcome to be in touch with us!

Sincerely yours,

Taavi Hiltunen
Järvikatu 6 A 4
FI-33710 Tampere FINLAND

Mobile +358-45-1232099

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